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  October 12-15, 2017
8:30 am TO 5:30 pm
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  Thomas Walker & Gale Loveitt
  $625 + $30 administrative fee
CE Credits:
  4 Elective Credits
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  Thomas Walker

Holy Wisdom Monastery
4200 County Road M
Middleton, WI 53562

Science tells us that 70% or more of the adult body is fluid. Yet, when we touch our clients, we primarily relate to the other 30% (bones, muscles, fascia, etc). We gain much by actively addressing the 70% which makes up the “Fluid Body”.

Relating to the various fascial components requires that we shift within ourselves in subtle yet significant ways. The contact and perceptual skills necessary for easing superficial fascia are different from those needed to rehydrate ligaments, untwist a bone or decompress the pleura. You’’ll learn how to shift your perception to synchronize with the Fluid Body to more efficiently work with all of the forms of fascia. This shift in perception will also allow us to explore whole body Inherent Motion in the 3 models of cranial sacral therapy. This allows our work with the very fluid fascial network to be greatly enhanced. Your hands will become much more sensitive. You will get more done, with less effort.

We’ll explore the perceptual and contact skills necessary to synchronize with the Fluid Body and Inherent Motion and their self ordering functions.

This will allow you to:
  • enhance integration
  • work more efficiently, deeply and effectively with much less effort
  • more completely resolve disorganization within all aspects of fascia from surface to deep including bones and ligaments.
  • bring the body’s natural healing resources to injured tissue allowing fascial interventions to be easier, more comprehensive and longer lasting.
For more information go to www.explorationsinwholeness.com

Thomas is a faculty member of the Rolf Institute and has been a Rolfer™ for 30 years. He has studied cranial sacral therapy since 1993 and has over 1200 hours of training in biodynamic cranial sacral therapy. Thomas has spent the last 21 years integrating this knowledge into the Rolfing® paradigm and includes this knowledge in all of his sessions and classes. Many of his clients state, “it doesn’t feel like you are doing anything and yet I feel so different!

Gale has been a Rolfer for 26 years and has studied and practiced biodymamic cranial work for 21 years. She has assisted in all phases of the basic Rolfing training as well as other CE trainings. She believes that all people who work with others bodies should understand the value of subtle contact skills and uses these skills in her daily work. She loves the learning process and the challenges of tailoring her teaching to meet the various learning needs of students. She is open to questions and strives to create a safe, receptive learning environment.