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CE4.19 Deepening the Rolfing Ten Series: Focus on the Core is a Course

CE4.19 Deepening the Rolfing Ten Series: Focus on the Core

Sep 13 - Sep 15, 2019

$650 Enroll

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  September 13 - 15, 2019
9:00am to 5:30pm
Course Number:
  Tessy Brungardt
  $600 + $50 Admin Fee
$550 + $50 Admin Fee if registered by 6/1/2019
CE Credits:
  3 DIRI Required Intermediate Credits
22.5 NCBTMB Continuing Education Hours
Housing Info:   Garrett Whitney

This Continuing Education class is open to practitioners of Structural Integration who have graduated from an approved IASI school.

This class will review and refine our understanding of the theory and practice of each session in the 10 series. We will focus on the nature of structural relationships, in particular with understanding the core, refining the use of appropriate touch for the tissues and relationships therein. We will fine tune our body readings and how each session may be seen in a holistic framework.

Tessy is an Advanced Rolfing Instructor. She received her BA in Environmental Biology in 1976. Once introduced to Rolfing SI in 1979, she was inspired to take her exploration of science and holism into the human realm. Rolfing was the perfect path for this. She became and Advanced Rolfing instructor in 2002 and maintains a practice in Baltimore, MD.