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  February 23-25, 2018; 8:30am - 5:30pm
Course Number:
  Sally Klemm
  $470 + $30 administrative fee
CE Credits:
  3 Required Intermediate Credits
Class Info:
  Terri Keppinger (808) 769-2097 zeropointembodiment@gmail.com

Location: Oahu, HI  

This class will review and refine the student’s understanding of the seventh hour and the strategy of appropriate neck and head work within a session. Students will focus on the nature of bony articulations in the neck and cranium, be guided through perceiving the various cranial rhythms. This class will include how and when to employ fascial touch while working with the cranium, employing appropriate touch when working with the tissues and relationships therein the bones, the membranes and then integration of the work or palpation. Body readings will focus on “seeing” the head and neck in a wholistic framework.

Sally Klemm has been offering Rolfing SI and Cranial-sacral work in Honolulu for the past 30 years. A Rolf Institute Faculty member for more than 20 years, Sally teaches Basic Trainings, Continuing Education and Advanced Trainings for the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. Her teaching style creates a relaxed atmosphere that supports a variety of learning styles.