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  March 10-12, 2017
Course Number:
  Valerie Berg
  $550 + $25 administrative fee
CE Credits:
  3 Required Intermediate Credits

Location: Phoenix, AZ  

This 3-day workshop will re-awaken inspiration for doing the Ten Series with your clients. Fascial layers, how to work with them, and their relationships throughout the Ten Series will be presented so the interconnectedness of these sessions can be seen and embodied in new and practical ways.

This class will be useful to Rolfers who want a deeper understanding of the Ten Series, for Rolfers who have abandoned the series all together, and for long time Rolfers who are looking for some inspiration.

Valerie Berg has been working for 29 years mostly in Albuquerque, NM. She continues to do the Ten Series with new clients and loves the value of it. Her other focus is Structural Aging and how we as Rolfers affect aging. Influences are Hubert Godard, Peter Melchior, Nicholas French and Jan Sultan. Basic Joy of movement informs all her teaching and practice.