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CER1.19 Pelvic Girdle and Legs with Ellen Freed is a Course

CER1.19 Pelvic Girdle and Legs with Ellen Freed

Oct 4 - Oct 6, 2019

$600 Enroll

Full course description

  October 4 - 6, 2019
8:30 - 5:30pm
Course Number:
  Ellen Freed
CE Credits:
  3 DIRI Required Intermediate Credits
Housing Info:   Mary Contreras or check Air BnB
Event Date:10/4/2019
Event Time:8:30 AM - 5:30 PM Mountain
Location:Dr. Ida Rolf Institute
5055 Chaparral Ct, Ste 103
Boulder, CO 80301
Contact Person:Mary Contreras- (phone: 303-449-5903)

This Continuing Education class is open to practitioners of Structural Integration who have graduated from an approved IASI school.

In this class we will explore fascial and bony anatomy of the pelvis, legs and feet. We will investigate the nature of horizontals, how these horizontals inform our body readings, our functional cues and our manual interventions. We will delve into Rolfing theory with exercises for the cultivation of the ability to "see", to touch and to work in a solid and safe way with our clients. Finally we will examine the relationship of each session in the 10 series to the pelvis and legs.

The class will include audiovisual presentations and lectures, group exercises, table demonstrations and practitioner exchange. Bring your questions and insights!

Ellen Freed has been a member of the Rolf Institute since 1990. Since then, she has maintained a private practice in Delaware. She loves this work, her practice, her life, and the classes she is fortunate enough to teach.