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CER2.19 The Cranium and Cranial Relationships is a Course

CER2.19 The Cranium and Cranial Relationships

Nov 9 - Nov 13, 2019

$1,000 Enroll

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November 9-13, 2019
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Thomas Walker

CE Credits:

5 DIRI Required Intermediate Credits
37.5 NCBTMB Continuing Education Hours
Housing Info:
Mary Contreras or check Air BnB

This Continuing Education class is open to practitioners of Structural Integration who have graduated from an approved IASI school.

This class will deepen, and refine the student’s understanding of the seventh hour in structural integration, and cultivate strategies appropriate neck and head work within any SI session. Students will focus on the nature of bony articulations in the neck and cranium, be guided through the anatomy, myofascial and bony relationships. This class will focus on each student’s skill: how and when to employ appropriate touch when working with the cranium and it’s relationships. An emphasis will be placed upon tracking nervous systems: understanding when both practitioner and client are responsive or reactive to the work. Finally, students will gain skill in understanding integration within a wholistic framework.

Thomas has been a faculty member of the Dr.Ida Rolf Institute and has been a Rolfer™ for 32 years. He has studied and practiced craniosacral therapy since 1993 and has over 1400 hours of training in biodynamic cranial sacral therapy.