Full course description

  Module 1: July 14- 17, 2017
Module 2: July 19-22, 2017
Both - 9am-5:30pm
Course Number:
  RMC3.17 - Module 1
RMC4.17 - Module 2
  Hiroyoshi Tahata & Carol A Agneessens
  Module 1 or Module 2 - $755 each
CE Credits:
  4 Rolf Movement Credits per Module
(4 Days Credit toward Rolf Movement Certification total)
Class Info:
  Hiroyoshi Tahata: rolfing.eukinesis80@gmail.com
Carol A Agneessens: carolagneessens@mac.com

The Rolf Institute
5055 Chaparral Court
Suite 103
Boulder, CO 80301

Module 1: Breathing and Walking:
An introduction to the Art of Yield through the Oriental concept of MA (Space/timing) and HARA . These concepts are introduced and underlie this orientation for sessions 1-3 of the Rolfing series in movement. Yield is an active coming into relationship and underlies all movement. This module will specifically facilitate the resource of Breath.

Module 2: Seeing and Engaging the Fluid Matrix:
This part offers an advanced Rolf-Movement orientation to the Art of
Yield. Learned and often unquestioned cultural patterns shape both movement and thinking. In this module, a novel approach to working with cylinders, joints, space, and diaphragms is introduced based on specific Japanese movement principles.

In addition we will:

  • Cultivate seeing and perceiving the holistic field.
  • Address vectors of impact through a non-linear and perceivable contact.
  • Deepen embodiment of MA and HARA and their function in a therapeutic setting.

Hiroyoshi Tahata is a certified advanced Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement® Instructor. In 1999, Hiro began exploring the movement of Yield and has cultivated and deepened his understanding of this primal action over the past 17 years. The approach he has developed is transformative and broadens a practitioner’s field of perception and informed touch.

Before taking the Rolfing® training, Hiro worked as a research biochemist for 9 years where he studied megakaryocyte potentiating activity, furthering his knowledge of the cellular matrix and random fluctuation. Hiro instructor and lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Carol A Agneessens is a Rolfing SI and Rolf Movement Instructor. She has been studying Hiro’s approach to movement for many years. As a frequent traveler/instructor in Japan, she is keenly aware of the difference between an eastern and western orientation which informs structure, function and worldview. Bridging these differences with insights from Hiro’s Art of Yield enriches her life and broadens her scope of understanding the intricate way environment, culture, and belief shape movement .