Full course description

  September 30 – October 2, 2016; 8:30 am-5:30 pm
Course Number:
  Jane Harrington & Patrice Naparstek
  $555 for the 3 days
($185 is non-refundable deposit)
Early Bird Special - $50 off is register by 7/31/16.
CE Credits:
  3 Rolf Movement Credits for full workshop
(3 Days Credit toward Rolf Movement Certification)
Class Info:
  Jane Harrington, jane@harringtonwellness.com, 505-771-2830
Patrice Naparstek, panaparstek@gmail.com, 608-338-4390

Tula Yoga and Wellness
99 Snelling Ave N
St. Paul, MN 55104

When we work with our clients it is our goal to educate their awareness in a way that allows them to integrate  and take the work into their daily activities and their lives. Each client has functional preferences where movement habits and patterns are woven into their behavior for better or worse.  Shifting awareness may be as simple as noting their perception of gait or helping them clarify and refine their intentional movement.

Success requires the practitioner and client to sense/know what is occurring as they move through space.  We will teach clear ways to see, recognize and communicate movement to your clients with tools to help  heighten their awareness, sense of embodied self and functional ease.

Our 3 days together will include extensive seeing of patterns through the lens of structural lesions and habitual movements. We will take our knowledge into personal exploration and embodiment. You will trade work with each other to anchor the new tools.

Jane Harrington, MA, is the most senior member of the Rolf Movement faculty, certified in Rolf Movement Integration in 1980. She joined the Rolf Institute faculty in 1988, teaching Phases II and III and Rolf Movement certifications. Jane’s passion is linking the movement work to Ida Rolf’s vision of our work.

Patrice Naparstek, MFA, CMA is a recent addition to the RISI Movement Faculty. She has taught somatic and movement  and movement arts for 25 years in the university and her community and has been an Advanced Rolfer since 1999. In her mind function and structure are two sides of the same coin.