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RMW1.18 What Does Full Integration Look Like: How Do You Cultivate It In Your Clients? is a Course

RMW1.18 What Does Full Integration Look Like: How Do You Cultivate It In Your Clients?

Ended Apr 30, 2018

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Full course description

  April 28, 29 & 30, 2018; 9 am – 6 pm
Course Number:
  Suzanne Picard & Jane Harrington
  $550 + $30 administrative fee
Early Bird Special - $50 off if register by 3/1/2018
CE Credits:
  3 Rolf Movement Credits for full workshop
(3 Days Credit toward Rolf Movement Certification)
Class Info:
  Suzanne Picard: 303.319.7593
Jane Harrington: 505.917.4057

Santa Fe Women’s Club
1616 Old Pecos Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87505

As an SI practitioner you have assessment, manual skills and organizing principles to work with. By the end of this 3 days you will be able to integrate perception and coordination (movement) more fully into your sessions. You will expand your range and knowledge allowing clients to use the work in their lives. We will cultivate congruence through a session & through a series. As we build the client’s resources & competencies, we will also spend time building home studies appropriate for each client and ourselves.

We will use case studies with an integrated systems approach to focus on seeing while cultivating congruence across tissue systems and taxonomies. Integration involves the bio phycho social and tissue networks of our clients. Integration involves the Whole Person; their world views, history, movement patterns and physical bodies.

Our 3 days will be spent seeing, strategizing, understanding & working with each other using our tools in a congruent way that honors the Whole Person.

Suzanne Picard, has been faculty at the Rolf Institute for 21 years. Her studies include Visceral, Neural Manipulation, and Cranial Work. She is inspired by anatomy and physiology and devoted to cultivating presence and our ability to connect with clients on a variety of levels. Her passion is to blend these aspects and support wholistic vitality in ourselves and our clients.

Jane Harrington, is Emeritus faculty for The Rolf Institute after being on faculty since 1986.She was certified in Rolf Movement® Integration in 1980 after years in the movement field. She taught the Basic Training and Rolf Movement Certification courses. Jane’s passion is linking our movement work to Ida’s vision of our work